This website has been re-built from the original site created by Arthur Dungate.

I never actually met Arthur apart from by email several years ago and we carried a link to his website which recalls his BBC career at AP and Lime Grove. A couple of years back I began to receive reports of a failed link to his website and, after investigation, realised it had disappeared without trace. Howard (Dell) and I tried to track down Arthur and the site but met with failure until, thanks to an email from John Dickenson, we discovered the Internet Archive Project.
Here we found an incomplete version which was then re-formatted and the navigation adjusted; some of the missing pictures were added later thanks to Patrick Collins who had saved a copy of the site in 2002.
Miraculously I was actually put in contact with Arthur Dungate just before Christmas 2008, and he has since sent me a complete version of the website. It now appears virtually as it did some 6 years ago and the navigation is as original. Please enjoy this fascinating look back to the days of television at Alexandra Palace and Lime Grove.