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by Arthur Dungate


Lime Grove demolition

The end of an era

  3: Preparing to Destruct!


March 1993 - having knocked down the gatehouse, the demolition equipment could be brought in.


  heavy crane transporter is reversed into 'Film Despatch' (14K)

First the heavy crane transporter is reversed into the "Film Despatch" entrance at the end of the South Block.



A tight squeeze, it would have been impossible if the gatehouse was still standing. On the extreme right of the picture, the adjacent private house, which had existed even before the 1915 "Glass House" building had been erected, was occupied at the time.

heavy crane transporter reversed into 'Film Despatch' (14K) 


After the arrival of the heavy equipment, some of the old signs seemed a touch ironic.


  sign on wall: Please switch off engine when parked near building (8K)sign on ground: Vehicles visiting these premises are liable to be searched on entry or departure (8K)  

  crane transporter inside (11K)

Once the equipment had arrived, and while the scaffolding is erected around the main buildings - those that face onto the road, other work can be done.



Roof view of the Presentation Block. The roof covering of Smith's Block is removed (just left of centre of picture). This is one of several "lost views". Note the railway on its brick viaduct to the left, also the blue water tank.

Roof view of Presentation block. Note: Smiths Block with roof covering already removed. (14K) 

  water tank on its tower (8K)

Until it was dismantled this blue water tank on its tower could be seen from many directions.

[photos: Nigel Finnis]


Lost Vistas